Costa De La Luz

Costa de la Luz is one of the regions in Spain that faces the Atlantic Ocean and has some of the most wonderful beaches in Spain. This is a very popular region in Spain for a vacation or a holiday. This place has developed and become more popular in recent years, specially among the foreigners like French and Germans. Many of these foreigners come and visit Spain in summers and they visit Costa de la luz for sure for it’s beauty and tourist welcoming nature.

The place used to be known as a place with Economic Benefits although not any more as popularity has caused upswing in real estate construction activity and wherever you see such fast construction, the environment takes a back seat and thus there has been some degradation of the environment there with rising pollution etc.

The Beaches

Before we speak about the beaches, we would like to show you some of the beaches Costa de la luz has to offer. The pictures will speak for itself and we may not have to say much on this topic.

The picture above clearly suggests how amazing the beaches are. Take a look at how clean the beaches are. Isn’t it amazing? Have you seen any popularĀ  beaches look so lush, sandy clean?

Here you can see the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic and so many fishing boats over here. You can also see beautiful, nice and clean city buildings. Does it not make you want to come here to enjoy these blue waters?

We can show more photos but it would only just make you more jealous that we live here and you don’t. Our intention is not to make you jealous but show you how beautiful this place is and why you should consider visiting here for a holiday. Come join us at Costa De La Luz today!

Leisure Activities

If you are wondering what there is in this city apart from their beaches to relax and tan? Well let me tell you what more this place can offer to you on a holiday. You can enjoy kite flying, water sports, boating, fine dining apart from the beaches.

Yes, you get some of the finest sea food in this region of Spain. You will be amazed at freshness of the fishes that are cooked. Most of the fish dishes you will order will be caught the same day and cooked. The beauty of a live fish being cooked is entirely different than the one that was kept frozen in the refrigerator.